South Africa

South Africa, Karongwe

Our project has been operating on Karongwe Private Game Reserve (KPGR) since 2001. Our focus is:

  • Life on Land (SDG 15) through survey work and contributions to reserve management
  • Quality Education (SDG 4) building community awareness and skills development¬†
  • Partnerships for the goals (SDG 17) where valuable partnerships are built to ensure a collaborative effort in addressing issues and taking action

We have contributed to multiple reserve management projects.  In partnership with reserve management, we have assisted the warden to map all dams and boreholes (both active and inactive) on Karongwe. This information contributes towards the Reserve Management Plan. At the beginning of 2019, reserve management identified Twin Rock Open Area, a large sheet erosion site, as a priority and we worked to rehabilitate this large area using a mulched hollow method. 

We are actively involved in anti poaching initiatives. The aim is to deter poachers and spot any activities which may relate to poaching. These patrols also help identify damage to fences and other equipment. Patrols run 24/7. We also contributed to the installation of three boom gates, which increased the security in the park.

We aim to educate the local community about Environmental Issues. In 2019 this included vegetable planting classes with learners of Diputhi Primary School (126 students), 16 Environmental Education classes, 13 Youth Development classes, workshops of 47 to learn about the Kruger NP Elephant Management Plan, delivered 12 first aid classes, certifying 51 participants.

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