Mexico, Puerto Morelos

Our project in Puerto Morelos focuses on SDG 17 Partnerships for the Goals, we partner with 13 organizations and government branches to address SDG 14 Life below water and SDG 4 Quality Education.

The Mesoamerican Coral Reef System is the second largest in the world.  In 2019, 45%  of the coral colonies in the national marine park of Puerto Morelos were dead or dying.  We work with our in-country partner on coral restoration through cloning and assisted fertilization.   

In 2019, the team collaborated in the generation, maintenance, and transplanting of 24,396 coral heads, which were relocated to 20 different sites. Gave 2´175 work hours in the coral laboratory. We assisted CRIP with a coral restoration project in Isla Mujeres where 3,100 micro fragments of 12 different coral species were transplanted onto a degraded section of reef. 

Coral Watch surveys allow coral bleaching events to be monitored worldwide. In 2019 we conducted 58 coral watch surveys on the coral reef ecosystem.  We also collected data on the coral reef health using the Atlantic and Gulf Rapid Reef Assessment protocol, collecting data on over 800 coral colonies of varying species across four different monitoring sites throughout the year.  

Beach cleans in 2019 resulted in 606kg of rubbish being collected.  We sorted 115.8kg of recyclable materials from this debris.

Aside from Coral reef initiatives, our education programs have included;  working with Save the Children with 240 days of general activities,  leading 30 physical activity sessions, and 37 health-related lectures to the community children at the local ludoteca.  We provided 14 Emergency First Responder training sessions for 108 participants and supported 37 individuals to obtain Emergency First Responder Certification.  

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