Fiji, Dawasamu

The Dawasamu community development project focuses on Health, Primary Education, and improvements to facilities. It addresses Quality Education, Health and Wellbeing, Gender Equality, Clean Water and Sanitation, and Partnerships for the Goals.

The health project works directly with the District Nurse on the health issues concerning the District of Dawasamu. It works in accordance with the Ministry of Health’s annual objectives targeting health and wellness. In 2019 we supported 14 Community Health workers in 8 skills development workshops.  We also supported three health campaigns facilitated by the District Nurse. 

The three key health areas for Dawasamu District and the achievements for 2019 include:

  • The safe disposal of non-recyclable waste: 1042 community members attended 51 awareness workshops on waste. Since the project began in 2016, 5.5 tonnes of waste have been recycled in the Dawasamu and Bureiwai districts. Recycling points are accessible to 365 households.
  • Education on how to prevent malnutrition of children aged 0-5 years and the importance of nutrition for breastfeeding mothers: 698 community members attended 38 workshops on nutrition specifically for pregnant and lactating women.
  • Education on Preventative Health Measures and first aid: 138 community members attended 15 awareness workshops on preventive health measures practices, 85 community members attended 8 awareness workshops on WaSH practices.

The school education program is designed to build upon the Fijian curriculum points but also adapt well-respected teaching methods and resources. In 2019, 127 students received support with their learning with a focus on literacy. The WaSH Programme was run for 165 students.

The Community Program combines the construction of facilities and community projects with a complementary program of education and awareness. In 2019 we installed seven 10,000 liter Rainwater Tanks across the Dawasamu and Bureiwai District and 85 community members attended workshops or small group sessions.

Each component of the Dawasamu project is planned and implemented in partnership with local stakeholders, planning focuses on the long term sustainability of projects.

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