Healthy Starts In Phang Nga

The SDG goal #3, Good Health and Wellbeing provides targets for governments to address in their countries.  Communities can also take action in ensuring education about health measures.  

The current pandemic has highlighted the need to be aware of current good practice and to ensure education about health issues is always on the agenda. Our project supports this ongoing education for school-aged children and communities.

Education for children

We recognize the need for educating children about health.  If children can develop healthy habits from a young age these can become ingrained in their practice.  In 2019 we provided 80 hours of education for children in their early years of education.

In a workshop focusing on tooth brushing, for example, this may include a brushing demonstration on a model and then students have the opportunity to practice themselves. The follow up may be students taking a chart home to help monitor their daily toothbrushing routines along with a note explaining to parents about the workshop the students have completed.  

The Unicef recognized WaSH (Water Sanitation and Hygiene) program forms a large part of the work of our support.  This program not only provides learning topics but also strategies for supporting schools and local communities.   You can learn some more about WaSH by visiting

Education for the wider community

Our project strives to provide education for the communities on identified areas of need. This may take the form of workshops, information pamphlets, or small group discussions. 

In 2019 we ran 26 hours of healthcare workshops reaching 300 community members. We also supported health checks for 122 individuals.  We are keen for this work to continue.

We are driven by the community’s identified areas of need and interest.  We are also aware of some of the biggest health issues in Thailand such as; diabetes, stroke, heart disease, road accidents, and mental health issues.  These issues need ongoing education through a range of approaches in order to reach as many individuals as possible. 

How you can help

The current pandemic has emphasized the importance of healthy routines and practices such as handwashing.  With the significant focus on COVID 19, the emphasis on other health issues is not as prominent. Now more than ever, we need to ensure children and communities are receiving regular information about healthcare issues.  Your donation can help provide education and resources to address health and well being.  Your support is appreciated.